Our Approach

Most modern-day medical treatments simply mask the symptoms of a patient’s chronic health issues with expensive, synthetic pharmaceuticals, leaving the causes of those symptoms intact to continue wreaking havoc on a patient’s health, and often causing dependencies and the constant fear of dangerous side-effects, drug interactions, and frightening recalls.

No wonder people with chronic illnesses rarely get better despite medications and following doctor’s orders, and why the rates of chronic disease are skyrocketing!

We Take a Different Approach

Divine Life Healing empowers clients to address the root causes underlying their symptoms naturally so they can finally break free of the pain, anguish, and suffering they’ve been living with, sometimes for years!

The latest science – and all of our clients – are proving that 90-95% of chronic diseases and health issues can be prevented, treated, and often reversed with the therapeutic use of a natural, healthy diet and lifestyle.(*REF*) In other words,… 

The root cause of the vast majority of chronic disease and other recurring health issues is an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. 

Do genetics play a role? The science of Epigenetics says “yes,” but in only about 5-10% of the cases!(*REF*) The remainder of cases are brought about by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. For example, you may have been born with a genetic predisposition for, let’s say, diabetes, but if you eat well and live a healthy lifestyle, you can “turn off” that gene so you never actually get diabetes in your lifetime.

Perhaps none of this is news to you. But we suspect what is news is how we address those root causes at Divine Life Healing.

A Holistic, Integrative, Multi-Disciplinary Approach

We start with the very latest, evidence-based therapeutic practices from across multiple scientific disciplines such as Lifestyle Medicine, Nutritional Science, Epigenetics, Positive Psychology, and Happiness Science. We combine them with compassion, understanding, creativity, a lot of love, and ancient wisdom that has proven the test of time, such as Eastern Philosophy and Meditation. We then walk our clients through a simple, but powerful process that results in their own unique, personalized plan for a healthy, healing diet and lifestyle. 

Only when a plan is tailored to your specific health needs, personal tastes, and day-to-day lifestyle will it be actionable, get the results you seek, and help you sustain and improve upon them over time.

Change is hard, especially when changing eating patterns, daily habits and behavior. So, to help our clients succeed, we also incorporate teachings from the field of Change Management and Performance Psychology, along with lessons-learned from top professional athletes, CEOs and other highly-successful people, to help our clients successfully implement their personalized plans in their day-to-day life. 

Perhaps most importantly, though, is we make the process fun, engaging and enlightening, while quickly getting clients results they can see, measure and feel. We know that if you’re not fully enjoying your new healthy lifestyle and getting results, whatever gains you make won’t last.

And our goal is to empower you with the tools, mindset and daily habits to live a lifetime of health, vitality, happiness, and a passion for living…