Divine Life Healing

Transformational Life Coaching: Marrying the Science of Lifestyle Medicine & the Art of Holistic Health Counseling

Our passion at Divine Life Healing is helping you live your best life possible…


For us that means reclaiming your own personal health and vitality, nurturing a sense of inner peace, and living a life that you’re passionate about… a life that makes you thrilled to wake up each morning!

Without these, everything in your life is negatively affected: your family, relationships, work and social life, your mental outlook… your sense of meaning, purpose, and passion… the very essence of what makes you, well… YOU!

Where do we start? By helping you reverse your chronic disease, risk factors, and/or other underlying health issues.

You have nothing if you don’t have your health. For over 40 years, Lifestyle Medicine has been proving that chronic disease can be prevented, treated and often reversed naturally, without pharmaceuticals, their dependencies, dangerous side-effects, drug interactions, or frightening recalls.

Within weeks of working with us clients begin seeing measurable results in their weight, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and other biometrics, and start experiencing more energy, increased mental clarity, awakening vitality, renewed hope, and a growing sense of peace.

From here, a whole world of possibilities opens!

With their renewed energy and excitement about finally taking back control of their health and living a longer, healthier, more vibrant life, clients are ready to dive into and explore other aspects of life… to take more holistic view of improving their health and well-being. Using tools, techniques, and proven practices from across many disciplines, such as Sleep Science, Stress Management, Happiness Science, and Personal Development, we help clients explore things that will further enhance their health, joy, peace and happiness.

Ultimately, though, we want to ensure our clients have renewed their passion for living.

Our job isn’t done until we ensure our clients are living a life that brings them a deep sense of meaning, fulfillment, satisfaction, and purpose… keys to living their “best life possible.” It’s not uncommon for people to become so focused on, or distracted by, things – like health challenges – that they forget what brings them that sense of purpose.

Here our clients’ journey turns towards discovering or re-connecting with their purpose and the role they play in the world around them. At times, this even has our clients exploring their spirituality. No stone is unturned until we’re confident our clients are empowered to live their best life.

So come, work with us, and let’s reclaim your health and vitality, nurture your inner peace, and help you live a life you’re passionate about…


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Our Programs & Services

1-on-1 Coaching

Sometimes the path to restoring health, vitality and happiness needs to be as unique as your are. With 1-on-1 coaching we’re able to create a personalized approach to tackling your health issues and helping you live a more Divine Life in a way that fits into your unique lifestyle.

Group Programs

Group programs take advantage of the collective experience, feedback and support of a community to help you put your new learnings into practice. New group programs are starting up all the time. Contact us to learn about our programs and when the next one starts!

Corporate Wellness

The health and well-being of your workforce directly affects the quality of their life, their concentration,… and your bottom line. Over 30 years of corporate experience helps us work alongside you to create a culture focused on health, well-being, contribution, and success.