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Helping clients prevent, treat and even reverse chronic disease and underlying health conditions while reducing, if not completely eliminating, their need for medications, and helping them reclaim their vitality, joy, and passion for living… NATURALLY! In other words,… helping clients


We’re All About YOU!

Real health isn’t about managing prescriptions, pills, or potions. Nor is it about following the latest fad diet or exercise routine, or finding a silver bullet. The fallacy of our modern-day thinking is that health comes in a pill, bottle, or box, which explains why the rates of chronic disease are skyrocketing no matter where you look!

Real health is about nurturing a healthy balance in the areas that naturally support and sustain good physical, mental, and emotional health. Things like feeding our bodies healthy, nutritious, and healing foods; getting enough exercise and restorative sleep; managing stress effectively; having healthy relationships; and feeling a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives.

OK. This may all sound obvious, but unfortunately, modern life makes it virtually impossible to maintain this balance and stay healthy! How we eat is now identified as the #1 cause of death, and our sedentary lifestyle is considered the “new smoking” in terms of how detrimental it is to our health!

At Divine Life Healing, we help clients redesign their modern diet and lifestyle in a way that allows them to do all the things they love to do, but in a way that is so much more healthy, they naturally lose weight, reverse their health issues, reduce, even eliminate medications, and reclaim their energy, joy, and passion for living. Let’s face it: if getting healthy and staying healthy doesn’t fit into your busy lifestyle, it’s not going to happen. Well, we make it happen!

Let us help you get back the life you always dreamed of…


Your quality of life is of utmost importance to us.

We at Divine Life Healing are tremendously proud of the impact we have made in helping our clients reclaim their health and live longer, healthier, more vibrant lives.

We are confident that our approach to reversing chronic disease will transform your health… and your life! Take back control of your health and live a Divine Life!

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We are well-known for our quality maternity services for both normal & complicated pregnancies. We love the little ones.

Wellness Checkups

At Wellness, we provide basic health care services and teach prevention and self-help skills to everyone.


We treat for emergencyies such as acute illness, injuries, as well as general health emergencyies that may come out of the blue.